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OpenStack on Ubuntu 11.10 Installation

My notes from an OpenStack & Ubuntu 11.10. These are only my notes. Lots of errors. It was a fairly painless install. I didnt have the lab gear setup with two Nics so I got a bit kludgy at the end. I think the interesting component will be to replace the Openstack bridging with OpenVswitch. sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server sudo …

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Installing NOX OpenFlow Controller on Ubuntu 11.10

Updated UB 11.10 post here It is all pretty straight forward except for the default branch is zaku(stable) which has compilation issues. This switches the branch to destiny(unstable). $wget   $dpkg –info nox-dependencies.deb $cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d $sudo wget $sudo apt-get update $sudo apt-get install nox-dependencies $git clone git:// $cd nox Make sure you run the destiny branch from within the …

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Installing Openvswitch and KVM on CentOS 6.2

Open Vswitch Lab

This is all (mostly) covered in the INSTALL.Linux inside the tar. This might help folks with some of the graph

add yum -y install openssl-devel this package is necessary if you use SSL with OpenVSWitch. (Thanks for input Marcos)

The Open vSwitch datapath requires bridging support (CONFIG_BRIDGE) to be built as a kernel module.  (This is common in …

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MVPN Multicast with Multi-Protocol BGP MPLS VPN on Cisco IOS

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Below assumes you have the basic MPLS transport setup. MVPN or multicast vpn is deployed on Cisco gear using Multicast Distribution Trees (MDT). This information is encapsulated in the MPBGP MPLS sessions to be distributed into label switch paths (LSPs) for forwarding. The following code will produce a basic functioning Cisco IOS MDT multicast environment. A tutorial for that can …

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How to deploy MPLS VPN’s on Cisco gear

There is no easier way to simplify your enterprise routing and path isolation than implementing MPLS/VPNs RFC 4364. Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) is the transport method to insert a label into the header to be forwarded down the Label Switch Path (LSP) by the Label Switch Router (LSR) Most routers past the SOHO market support MPLS in hardware. On the …

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