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Google Data Center Pictures: Year in Review

Google Data Center Building

Google Data Center Pictures: Year in Review :In 2012 Google opened the doors up to some of it’s data centers in the typical colorful fashion we expect from Google. Hyper-scale content and cloud providers are ultra secretive about their trade secrets. Facebook’s Opencompute project is probably the most notable transparent architectures with regard to how they build their compute and …

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IETF Draft – BGP-signaled end-system IP/VPNs Contrail

Control Systems

There is a new IETF Draft – BGP-signaled end-system IP/VPNs draft-marques-l3vpn-end-system submitted for review. It is quite the whose who on the working group of traditional networking vanguard companies like Cisco, Juniper, Infinera, AT&T labs, Verizon and a new comer to the race Contrail. Contrail is an SDN startup with series A funding at $10Mil. There are some of the …

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Software Defined Data Center Slidedeck


Software Defined Data Center SlideDeck: Posting a SlideDeck from a presentation while back titled Software Defined Data Centers, if the graphics help anyone with their own presentations have at em! The only different concepts are some public cloud thoughts and scenarios and some analogies to wireless controllers and SDN deployments. Not all networks must be built the same. We have at …

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How I Learned to Hate the DCI


How I Learned to Hate the DCI: Layer 2 data center interconnects (DCI) is still alive and well. I blame VMware with vMotion and now every other Hypervisor vendor on the planet. Live workload migration is certainly vital to most operations. The further up the stack that happens the more flexibility you have with choosing more layers beneath you to reach for in …

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OTV configuration notes

Quick notes on OTV. I have not put this on lab gear yet so there may be typos. It does require licensing so make sure you have that budgeted, if not its a 20kish surprise which sucks.

#The Overlay interface ID (int overlay1) must match at both sites. A Vlan can only be assigned to one overlay.

#Join-interface. From …

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