Brent Salisbury’s Bio

Brent Salisbury’s Bio

I work as a software developer on the OpenDaylight project for Red Hat. I am interested in disruptive technologies and passionate about working on open source projects in collaboration with community. My nick is /nick networkstatic IRC on channel. I hang in the following rooms #opendaylight, #opendaylight-ovsdb #openstack, #openflow, #openvswitch #packetpushers, and #opendaylight. Stop by and say hi and get involved in the community!

Forgive delayed responses to comments or direct messages on Twitter and email. The wifey has to get I/O somewhere in there because she is the best thing that ever happened to me and even more important than my computer. For most nerds that is saying a lot.

Brent Salisbury Bio


Public disclosure is required by certain programs, events, vendors, and the FCC. Furthermore, I believe in “blogging with integrity” (yes, I have signed the pledge) such that my readers should be able to trust what I write as my own opinion, and be able to discern anything promotional. I promise to make disclosures on individual pages where appropriate, and to only endorse products and services which I believe in.

Blog with Integrity

My employer(s) do not and can not certify or endorse products, services, or vendors. Any implied or explicit instance of this is done by me as myself. Evaluations and testing I conduct in conjunction with my employer(s) are done in accordance with applicable procurement laws and policies. Disclosures of testing equipment, methodologies, and parameters in my writings are done so results can be reproduced and do not constitute endorsement.

I do reserve the right to change my mind about everything, as I learn more or have convincing discussions with others. I do not believe in revisionist blogging and what I write is what I write.