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Quantum OpenStack Scripted Python Install

Python OpenStack Installer

Update: My latest installation document for Folsom can be found here. It’s too tough to try and keep up with debugging installers myself so I am just using DevStack in that tutorial. This will not work with OpenStack apt-get repos anymore since the packages have changed to Folsom. Thanks! Quantum OpenStack Python Installer Installation: Here is a cobbled together Openstack Essex scripted installation …

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OpenStack Essex and Quantum Installation using OpenvSwitch from Scratch


Here is a walkthrough for the Quantum Network Manager Plugin for OpenStack Essex with a Quantum Installation with OpenvSwitch. It is still in dev so expect weird things and stability issues. For a guy with a networking bread and butter this is the extremely exciting piece of OpenStack for me. I will do a followup and try and breakdown the OpenvSwitch …

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