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Google Data Center Pictures: Year in Review

Google Data Center Building

Google Data Center Pictures: Year in Review :In 2012 Google opened the doors up to some of it’s data centers in the typical colorful fashion we expect from Google. Hyper-scale content and cloud providers are ultra secretive about their trade secrets. Facebook’s Opencompute project is probably the most notable transparent architectures with regard to how they build their compute and …

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Does the Cost of Cloud IaaS Intersect the Local VM?

Cloud Unicorn Accountant For Hire

Does the Cost of Cloud IaaS Intersect the Local VM? In the 90’s if you were to recommend hosting your corporate email from a provider for cost savings you would probably get laughed out of a job. Today depending on the sensitivity of your data and levels of FUD in your organization suggesting keeping email long term on your premise you …

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Public Cloud and Network as a Service

Telephone Cabling Mess

The first part of the post was building the Public Cloud node. The second part of this post is going to be a primitive blue print for how to build a hybrid private/public network and what network as a service could mean. Without reliable national broadband and backbone networks both provider and customer will be taking serious risks. I will …

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The HP Public Cloud and OpenStack


We have listened to people ramble on about the promise of the cloud and the impact on infrastructure for a few years now, but very rarely has anyone articulated a reasonable blueprint on ramp into this public cloud. SaaS is everywhere, the application was and will continue to be the low hanging fruit, the rest is a bit more difficult. …

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Rackspace OpenStack Installation on a KVM VM


Rackspace OpenStack Installation on a KVM VM: Big day in the OpenStack world, Rackspace announced it was releasing its Openstack installer image named Alamo v1.0. running on top of KVM, along with Opscode Chef and Rackspace OpenStack cookbooks. This may be the Open Source renaissance we have been needing and forced into by exorbitant profit taking, M&A, takeovers, buyouts, spin-ins, spin-offs, …

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