Software Defined Data Center Slidedeck

Software Defined Data Center Slidedeck


Software Defined Data Center SlideDeck: Posting a SlideDeck from a presentation while back titled Software Defined Data Centers, if the graphics help anyone with their own presentations have at em! The only different concepts are some public cloud thoughts and scenarios and some analogies to wireless controllers and SDN deployments.

Not all networks must be built the same. We have at least three very different type of networks today. The data center, service provider and enterprise. I use MPLS for all three of them for scalable virtualization but that often comes at a premium in price. The deck has some ideas on what are some of the problems and some topologies of SDN/OpenFlow deployments that some of us have in pockets of production.

Software Defined Data Center SlideDeck

Here is the deck if it helps anyone. SlideShare butchers some of the graphics. Software Defined Data Centers Slide Deck

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  1. SampleSample09-05-2012

    HI Brent

    DO you have notes for these (or have you dictated notes to these)…

  2. Brent SalisburyBrent Salisbury09-13-2012

    Hi I dont, It was recorded I will ask for the link and get it posted. I hate hearing myself talk lol. I will reply here if I find the link.
    Thanks for your interest!

  3. GregGreg10-16-2013

    This was great, thanks for posting. I would also be interested in having the audio to go with the slides too.


    – Greg
    AlphaPoint Technology