Open Networking Summit 2013 Is Streaming

Open Networking Summit 2013 Is Streaming

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Open Networking Summit 2013 Is Streaming

The Open Networking Summit 2013 is going to be live streaming a good chunk of the content. Thats outstanding since most people don’t get a chance to travel. The ONS is ground zero for SDN and specifically OpenFlow. It is a great mix of vendors, researchers and community working out potential future paths of networkings. Head over to see the streams starting Monday April 15th for three days of outstanding presentations including Vincent Cerf from Google.

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Gentle Introduction to Software-Defined Networking

If you havent looked under the hood of SDN yet, a great primer is by Scott Shenker who is among other things, a PHD faculty member at UC-Berkeley. He views SDN as the proper composition of abstractions that has been the makeup of comp sci and the software development world.

Prof. Scott Shenker – Gentle Introduction to Software-Defined Networking – Technion lecture

Open Networking Summit Day 1

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Open Networking Summit Day 2

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Open Networking Summit Day 3

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If you are at the conference look me up!

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