Comparing Vmware vs. OpenStack

Comparing Vmware vs. OpenStack


Comparing Vmware vs. OpenStack

Comparing Vmware vs. OpenStack: I ran into a great slide deck Mirantis comparing VMware and OpenStack (Essex) and wanted to share it. I am not affiliated with Mirantis. I started to research a side by side comparison between OpenStack and VMware. The slide deck is really good and deserves more than a Tweet. VMware is a good tool for many enterprises, but with that comes at a financial premium. I tend to get worried if systems folks need too many tools in order to keep the lights on.

  • VMware solves for the enterprise.
  • OpenStack solves for the cloud Both technology and philosophy differ .
  • Not an apples-to-apples comparison Select features can be compared side by side/

VMware and OpenStack Compared

Figure 1. Summary slide

Take a look at the presentation and see what you think.
Mirantis Comparing OpenStack vs. Vmware Slidedeck

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2 years 8 months ago

vmware is better simply because it works,right out of the box.openstack doesn’t work, has too few features,poor support,and doesn’t work without a lot of tinkering…you can’t even get the installation gui to work right..openstack ,like oracle VM server 3.x isn’t ready for primetime