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Installing NOX OpenFlow Controller on Ubuntu 11.10

Updated UB 11.10 post here It is all pretty straight forward except for the default branch is zaku(stable) which has compilation issues. This switches the branch to destiny(unstable). $wget   $dpkg –info nox-dependencies.deb $cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d $sudo wget $sudo apt-get update $sudo apt-get install nox-dependencies $git clone git:// $cd nox Make sure you run the destiny branch from within the …

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Installing Openvswitch and KVM on CentOS 6.2

Open Vswitch Lab

This is all (mostly) covered in the INSTALL.Linux inside the tar. This might help folks with some of the graph

add yum -y install openssl-devel this package is necessary if you use SSL with OpenVSWitch. (Thanks for input Marcos)

The Open vSwitch datapath requires bridging support (CONFIG_BRIDGE) to be built as a kernel module.  (This is common in …

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Top 10 Reasons I think SDN Openflow will gain momentum


Predicting the future is often as easy as looking at the past, no crystal ball required.

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The MPLS and transport roles merge

The Juniper PTX in 2011 was a pretty bold merge of the OTN and MPLS functionality into one box.  They are marketing it as the “Converged Supercore” As the debate of packet vs. circuit switched networks has clearly been won by the packet side of the house. Arguably the the increasing demands of service provider bandwidth for triple play …

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Death to the Firewall

The Firewall will die soon. Blackbox hardware just doesn’t make sense anymore. CPU is king when it comes to processing payload and that is commodity. SDN will put a nail in the custom hardware closed system soon enough. Until then, some musings on a project to collapse some functions into a router. Ironically, I can only collapse application processing into …

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