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Configuring the NOX GUI

Nox Gui Tutorial

Configuring the NOX GUI To install NOX Destiny branch refer to this post. To get the little test web page going run the following on startup.

To run the NOX GUI you can do the following. I am showing the errors you get if you don’t have the Python GUI classes loaded. Start the NOX GUI Start NOX with …

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NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10

This post is on the NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10. When compiling NOX If you get the error “configure: error: openssl/md5.h not found. NOX requires OpenSSL” You just need to switch to the ‘destiny’ branch from the default ‘zaku’ branch. Setup dependency repo: cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d wget apt-get update cd ~/<wherever you want to put the src files> Install …

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POX Openflow Controller Installation Screencast

Pox Installation

POX Openflow Controller Installation: POX is a lightweight OpenFlow controller that is written completely in Python that is targeted for developers to spin up their own controllers. The nice thing about POX is if you want an OF controller spun up in as fast as you can type git clone etc, you got it. It supports the same tools that NOX …

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Installing and Configuring OpenvSwitch on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

Quick install how to for Installing and Configuring OpenvSwitch on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) with the nightly OVS build. Before I start, I must point out the great progress the dev team has done in such a short time. All of the old gotchas in earlier releases on implementation are long gone. I am going to revisit the KVM integration …

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Why the NOS will decouple

Over the next couple of years some of us expect the networking industry to have some fairly significant changes. There are really two options: A distributed approach we have today or a controller based centralized model. We  have today just that, autonomous devices building adjacencies to one another, exchanging what it hopes are the best healthy paths to send next hop traffic …

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February 2012 SDN Thoughts

I commented on a blog post earlier and I am recording my updated thoughts to review over the next few years to see how wrong I was. My initial business cases still have not changed much from 4 months ago. It has always been and will be about money. What will drive this is the ability to commoditize networking vendors and level …

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OpenVswitch and GRE tunnel notes

Open Vswitch Lab

Here is a quick post for setting up GRE tunnels on OpenVswitch. Both Vswitch boxes are attached to an OpenFlow Beacon controller. More up to date how-to can be found here: Configuring VXLan and GRE tunnels on OpenvSwitch KVM live storage migration makes an interesting story and run at VMware tools. The dreaded layer2 data center link conversation may never …

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OpenStack on Ubuntu 11.10 Installation

My notes from an OpenStack & Ubuntu 11.10. These are only my notes. Lots of errors. It was a fairly painless install. I didnt have the lab gear setup with two Nics so I got a bit kludgy at the end. I think the interesting component will be to replace the Openstack bridging with OpenVswitch. sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server sudo …

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