NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10

NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10

NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10

This post is on the NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10. When compiling NOX If you get the error “configure: error: openssl/md5.h not found. NOX requires OpenSSL”

You just need to switch to the ‘destiny’ branch from the default ‘zaku’ branch.

  • Setup dependency repo:

cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d
apt-get update
cd ~/<wherever you want to put the src files>

  • Install dependencies:

apt-get install nox-dependencies
apt-get install git
git clone git://
cd nox

  • Build the App

git checkout -b destiny remotes/origin/destiny   (<– If you dont switch branches you will get the MD5 error from the old libraries in the ‘zaku’ branch)
cd nox
mkdir build
cd build
cd src/
./nox_core -v
Now build the next generation network apps and get rich.

  1. rebeccarebecca04-24-2012

    hi! after i key in ./nox_core -v, i got this
    00001|nox|INFO:Starting nox_core (/home/rebecca/nox/build/src/.libs/lt-nox_core)
    00002|nox|INFO:nox bootstrap complete
    does this means ok? i cannot type anything on terminal axcept that i quit it. how can i open the gui of nox? thanks for ur time… hope to hear from you soon.

    • Brent SalisburyBrent Salisbury04-24-2012

      Thats it. OpenFlow controllers are still very deep in development stages. Some folks who are large enough are rolling their own internal interfaces. Over the next year we will see controllers become more productized. NEC and BigSwitch both have wrappers to abstract the interfaces into something nicer looking.
      Here is a post with some info for you.

      • rebeccarebecca04-24-2012

        do i need to re-build the whole everytime i reboot my computer? This is because, when i reboot and —> root@rebecca-K43SJ:/home/rebecca/nox/src# ./nox_core -v, it says,
        bash: ./nox_core: No such file or directory.

      • Florence-amaddineFlorence-amaddine04-11-2013

        I’m working on a project to make a stress test on OpenFlow controller, can you help me with your knowledge.!!!!
        My problem I do not know how to define the flow rules in the nox controller.
        and how to put two nox controllers in a same network (to have a master and slave?)!!!! thank’s

  2. rebeccarebecca05-03-2012

    Hi! i think i recently updated some files in my laptop and it caused nox cannot works anymore. when i ../configure , i get this —-> configure: error: cannot find the Apache Xerces library… What happen to nox? what i should do to find back this library? Thank you!

  3. yikeeyikee05-06-2012

    Hi, during installation until step ../configure. Error shown that 1 have swig version of 2.4.0 whereas the nox required 1.3.0 or later. Due to this error i can not proceed to next step. What should i do to proceed my installation. Hope someone give me advise. Thanks..

    • Brent SalisburyBrent Salisbury05-07-2012

      ooh yuk. I bet the libraries have changed. What Linux distro is it and release? I can spin a VM and take a peek later this week.

  4. RolandRoland05-22-2012

    I got error in ../configure
    checking for boostlib >= 1.34.1… yes
    checking whether the Boost::System library is available… yes
    configure: error: Could not find a version of the library!

    Any hint how to solve this? Thanks

  5. KelvinKelvin07-31-2012

    I doubt it is even destiny version, because I cannot add command option -t [number of threads] in there

  6. VarunVarun08-18-2012

    plz give me the stepwise installation of nox controller for Ubuntu 11.10?

  7. Farrukh AftabFarrukh Aftab11-01-2012

    I must say, everytime I am looking for something related to the ‘networking revolution’ aka SDN, I always end up here. Great blog, always helpful. Much appreciated.

  8. thoapvthoapv11-23-2012

    Hi! after $sudo apt-get install nox-dependencies has done,
    next to step $git clone git://
    =>> fatal: could not create work tree dir ‘nox’.: Permission denied!!!!