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The Northbound API- A Big Little Problem

Northbound API Post

The Northbound API- A Big Little Problem : What is a Northbound API (Application Programming Interface) in SDN? The Northbound API is available on a SDN controller that allows for applications to interact with the controller. The controller in turn, interacts with the network hardware through the OpenFlow protocol to manipulate the flow tables and send instructions to the underlying network substrate. …

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NOX OpenFlow Controller Install on Ubuntu 12.04

Screencast w/o audio. I think it’s quick and self explanatory. This is an install for the newer NOX release on Ubuntu 12.04. I believe the branch name is ‘verity’. It was just upped a couple weeks ago to Github with the new repo linked from It isn’t fully released but the site said Q1 2012, at the least, it …

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OpenvSwitch Configure from Packages and Attaching to a Floodlight OpenFlow Controller

Open Vswitch Lab

OpenvSwitch Configure from Packages and Attaching to a Floodlight OpenFlow Controller: Couple folks have asked about installing OpenvSwitch from packages on Ubuntu 12.04 as opposed to from source. The default repos have v1.4 up so almost at the latest v1.4.1. OVS will be the de facto vSwitch in the hyper-scale providers in the future in my opinion. As Vmware’s Nicira acquisition …

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SDN and OpenFlow Quotes from some of the Best


Like anyone reading this, we are avid consumers (in my case leech) of information. I put together some quote from people regarding SDN and OpenFlow. Most of the people in the list are intrinsic in helping me shape my own views regarding technology with the outstanding content, ideas and research they generate. “Think of it as a general language or an instruction …

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SDN Use Cases

Bad Decision1

We have a few problems in networking. The following document are some SDN use cases that have come up over the past recent months/years. New abstractions in networking should enable solutions we never thought possible due to the monolithic nature of networking gear today (Mainframe 1980). This is all coming from a person who thinks MPLS can squeeze orange juice out …

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SDN for Internet Providers Use Case

sdn service provider

This post has been updated here Thanks! -Brent

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OpenStack Essex Installation and Configuration Screencast from Scratch (Part 1)

Many hours, days, nights and poor defenseless VMs were destroyed in preparing this how-to. There are some great scripts out there but for most engineers and architects we need to tear it apart look at the guts and put it back together. You are in luck. There are a lot of moving parts on the current OpenStack Essex release, so …

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Floodlight OpenFlow Controller Screencast with HP Switches

OpenFlow Logo

There is an updated post with the newest HP OpenFlow firmware that can be found at: Quick how-to on installing the Floodlight OpenFlow controller and a slick http UI fronted someone put up on GutHub. Floodlight is probably the easiest of all controllers to setup. It is built in Java and based on the Beacon controller project. It is a …

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