TCAMs, SDN/OpenFlow and Why We Care

TCAMs, SDN/OpenFlow and Why We Care

I recently meet Roy Chua and Matt Palmer over at SDN Central a few weeks ago. They have put together a really nice site dedicated to Software Defined Networks (SDN) and contributing to the community. They are really seasoned IT pros that have great vision.

I posted a little bit of a refresher for some, or a primer for others regarding what is all the fuss about TCAMs and SDN. Hope it helps a bit to anyone that is curious about search ASICs and why all the interest lately revolving around OpenFlow and SDN.

The post is at:


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  1. Roy ChuaRoy Chua07-17-2012

    Thank you, Brent, for the primer on TCAMs on SDNCentral! It continues to get a lot of views and friends that have read it have given it very high positive ratings. Looking forward to the next article from you!

    • Brent SalisburyBrent Salisbury07-19-2012

      Thanks Roy, I appreciated the invite to write over at sdncentral. The next few evolutions of merchant silicon will be pretty wild to see. Hard to think Marvell/Intel/Broadcom have not been hedging their bets on some flexible chips for us. Tty soon pal!