The Best MPLS Lecture on the Net

The Best MPLS Lecture on the Net

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The Best MPLS Lecture on the Net

The Best MPLS Lecture on the Net: The title says it all. Professor Karandikar gives two amazing lectures on MPLS and MPLS-TE that most engineers should hope to know cold. I watch it probably once every few months. Not saying much for my memory these days. It is an amazing amount of material delivered very precisely. Great stuff!

MPLS Images For Reference
  • I added some figures to look over while watching the lecture to get a visual.

Figure 1. Ingress Packet Workflow.

Figure 2. MPLS Stacks. 

Figure 3. Network Virtualization.

Figure 4. What is this Layer 2 1/2 business? Keyword “shim”.

  1. shivlu jainshivlu jain11-12-2012

    really loved this lecture a lot…..

    shivlu jain

    • Brent SalisburyBrent Salisbury11-14-2012

      Hey Shivlu! His lecture is amazing. I messaged him on LinkedIn to thank him and he was really nice too. Btw, big big fan of your blog, its one of the best. Thanks for the comment taking a look around, quite an honor!

  2. Ciprian BalaceanuCiprian Balaceanu11-24-2012

    Hi Brent, I’m also a fan of Professor Karandikar, you can the entire networking series made by him here (which is part of the NPTEL project):

    And the entire NTPEL project ( courses series here:

  3. Brent SalisburyBrent Salisbury01-19-2013

    Thanks Ciprian.