WireShark Install on Mac OS X


Seems like the WireShark install on Mac OS X has always been a total disaster for me. Packet capture utility are vital for developers, network and systems engineers alike. For troubleshooting or supporting SLAs it is often the only tool the defines fact vs. misconception. The WireShark installation process prior to XQuartz was long and convoluted and more often than not …

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Install WordPress on Ubuntu

Top 10 Wordpress Plugins

Install WordPress on Ubuntu and Migrate an Existing Site: This is a guide on how to install WordPress on Ubuntu and migrate and existing site to  new host or a test/dev environment. WordPress is an Open Source free package that started out as a platform for blogging and has since morphed into other more CMS like uses. Their are thousands of …

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Revisiting the vCider SDN Solution Prior to Cisco Acquisition

Cisco Logo

Revisiting the vCider SDN Solution Prior to Cisco Acquisition : I never really got a chance to know what vCider brought to the menu of network industry disruption  prior to their recent acquisition by Cisco. Matt Nabors @itsjustrouting and I were talking about vCider the other day and I realized I never knew much about them other than some general concepts and went …

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Why We Expect More From Technology Providers? We Don’t Have a Choice

Thomas Edison and the Phonograph at the White House

Why We Expect More From Technology Providers? We Don’t Have a Choice: Network Architects, engineers and operators is often where the buck stops in the infrastructure world. Our jobs implicitly depend on robust and reliable networks while trying to absorb exponential growth, coupled with flat or even shrinking budgets. We are real world people in Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Government and every …

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Brocade on SDN at Network Field Day

Brocade Logo

Brocade on SDN at Network Field Day: I was honored with participating in Network Field Day #4 which had loads of top notch presenters from the biggest names in Networking and IT in the industry today. Each of those organizations have people who believe in the value in open public dialogue with the consumers. This is becoming ever more important as we …

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Hybrid SDN Deployments

SDN Names OPenflow

The concept of a hybrid SDN deployments using and interacting with legacy networks has come up quite a bit recently in the industry. This idea that a rip and replace or physical overlay network in order to evolve networks in some cases is not often grounded in fact. When we replaced Token ring, ATM and before my time Decnet/Thinnet those were …

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Spirent Communications Looks Toward the Enterprise


Spirent Communications Looks toward the Enterprise with new products and new angles to existing products. Spirent has traditionally gone after service provider markets with their product offerings. They are branching out and I liked a couple of their ideas quite a bit. It is nice to write a post in my “Tools” category, we do not exactly have a lot of …

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SDN Using DNS Naming for Classification

Internet Traffic Evolution

SDN Using DNS Naming for Classification Update: First, a Refresher. The initial project was outlined here Abstract Current generation networks are under scrutiny for not presenting the proper amount of flexibility at scale to accomplish technical and business objectives. At the core of the problem are the constraints imposed by the network revolving around the inflexible nature of IP addressing …

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