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The Death of the Wired Enterprise Network

Building Distribution Bandwidth

I remember about two years ago having a conversation with my boss and we were speculating on the lifespan of a wired network in an Enterprise campus. We both agreed it would all be driven by the App. Well, thanks to carrier networks being what they are, content, cloud and application providers typically develop to the lowest common denominator bandwidth, …

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Django Installation and First App Tutorial

Python Django Tutorial

Django Installation and First App Tutorial: Django is a powerful web framework written in Python used to create pluggable database driven websites that are complex, but simplified by the abstraction of the Django framework. I am using Ubuntu for this install but beyond it will work for most OS’s. I will configure Django to use sqlite as a database. It …

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Enterprise 802.11 Wireless Growth (Part 3)

Enterprise Wireless

In part 1 of the three parter we looked at the ability to manage 802.11 wireless networks and the benefits of analytics that is provided out of the box. In part 2 we compared traffic rates (unscientifically) between an average wireless controller distribution and wired distribution. In the conclusion we will look at the growth of three points over two years. …

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Enterprise Wireless and Wired: A Byte is a Byte (Part 2)

Enterprise Wireless

Enterprise Wireless and Wired: A Byte is a Byte (Part 2): This is a second post regarding enterprise wireless and why those networks are much more manageable, (out of the box) then it’s wired network brethren. I have simplified my explanation of why the current path needs adjusting and the reasons why. Enterprise, Data Center and Service Provider networks all have very …

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Python Tutorial: Classes, Objects, Methods, init and Simple Examples


Python Tutorial on Classes, Objects, Methods: In this post we will dive into Python classes, methods, objects and using the init constructer to initialize classes. Object oriented programming has gone well past being a fad (sorry punchcards) like it or not encapsulation and inheritance is winning out. The idea is to make modules and procedures abstracted, modifiable and reusable without needing …

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Python Tutorial: Functions and Passing Lists and Dictionaries with Simple Examples

Python Tutorial

In Python the differences between functions, classes and methods is often best explained with examples of code. It is also the best way to learn syntax and languages for some of us. We will start off with Functions and work into Classes which is the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python over the next few posts. These are merely blueprints …

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Software Defined Data Center Slidedeck


Software Defined Data Center SlideDeck: Posting a SlideDeck from a presentation while back titled Software Defined Data Centers, if the graphics help anyone with their own presentations have at em! The only different concepts are some public cloud thoughts and scenarios and some analogies to wireless controllers and SDN deployments. Not all networks must be built the same. We have at …

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Nested KVM Hypervisor Support

Nested KVM Tutorial

Adding Hardware Virtualization Support to a VM in KVM with Nested Hypervisor support is pretty important for folks wanting to do proofs for VMs, IaaS, OpenStack etc. It is fairly well supported now under both KVM and Xen. Not to mention, who wants to lab up bare metal when they can use their laptop for modeling. The major driver for …

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