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Building a Windows Image for OpenStack


Building a Windows Image for OpenStack :  Here is a how-to for building a Windows image to import into OpenStack or a KVM Hypervisor. We need to sysprep the image before we can import it into Glance. Download the Virtio-win binary driver System Prep Have the windows install ISO and the VirtIO iso in the same directory that you …

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OpenStack Essex Installer Script


Update: My latest installation document for Folsom can be found here. It’s too tough to try and keep up with debugging installers myself so I am just using DevStack in that tutorial. Thanks! Here is a Python Script I put together for installing OpenStack Essex on either your laptop in a Virtualbox VM running Qemu or on a standalone server/box for more …

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Floodlight OpenFlow Controller GUI Applet

OpenFlow Lab

There is a new FloodLight OpenFlow SDN controller GUI out from a Marist College and IBM research group/internship. I am guessing it is the same IBM researcher that developed the FloodLight web UI. This applet allows one to instantiate a flow from the GUI along with a couple of other bells and whistles. It is great to see the public/private …

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How to Build an SDN Lab without Needing OpenFlow Hardware

OpenFlow Lab

How do you build a networking lab without networking equipment? Yet another plus in the column of open software driven networks. Proofing and prototyping networks today are often done with things like NETFPGA or expensive vendor manufactured hardware. Since we are beginning to build primitives, APIs and abstraction layers the value of what the software development community has had for …

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Configuring an OpenFlow POX SDN Controller and HP Switches

Unicorn Rainbow

There is an updated post with the newest HP OpenFlow firmware that can be found at: Configuring an OpenFlow POX SDN Controller and HP Switches: HP has been supporting OpenFlow v1.0 with general availability longer than anyone in the industry. While there are limitations, just as most vendors will have as we start exploring exposing and/or decoupling control planes. Installing the …

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Configuring VXLAN and GRE Tunnels on OpenvSwitch

VXLan Tunnels Post

I have done a couple of GRE tunnel how-tos using OpenvSwitch (OVS). I had been itching to give VXLan a spin in OVS so why not ferret out someones tree on GitHub. I believe VXLan is still scheduled to officially release soon in OpenvSwitch. So here are the steps for installing, configuring tunnels on OpenvSwitch with VXLan and GRE encapsulations. …

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Getting Started OpenFlow OpenvSwitch Tutorial Lab : Setup

Open Vswitch Lab

I wrote a Python OpenFlow installation app to automate an OpenFlow KVM and Open vSwitch setup found at: Getting Started OpenFlow OpenvSwitch Tutorial Lab : This is an OpenFlow Tutorial using OpenvSwitch and Floodlight controller but any other controller or switch can be used. I have had some requests on some scenarios so I put this together. Adding a few …

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OpenFlow Starter Tutorial Lab #3

OpenFlow Lab

OpenFlow Starter Tutorial Lab #3 : Move individual flows Figure 1. OpenFlow starter tutorial Lab #3 topology. Add an entry to the wrong port and watch it break. Let’s clear all of our flows and get everything pinging the gateway again.

Add our three earlier entries from Lab1

Start tcpdump on the host you will send …

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