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Why the NOS will decouple

Over the next couple of years some of us expect the networking industry to have some fairly significant changes. There are really two options: A distributed approach we have today or a controller based centralized model. We  have today just that, autonomous devices building adjacencies to one another, exchanging what it hopes are the best healthy paths to send next hop traffic …

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Network Processor Units (NPU) FTW

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February 2012 SDN Thoughts

I commented on a blog post earlier and I am recording my updated thoughts to review over the next few years to see how wrong I was. My initial business cases still have not changed much from 4 months ago. It has always been and will be about money. What will drive this is the ability to commoditize networking vendors and level …

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Top 10 Reasons I think SDN Openflow will gain momentum


Predicting the future is often as easy as looking at the past, no crystal ball required.

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The MPLS and transport roles merge

The Juniper PTX in 2011 was a pretty bold merge of the OTN and MPLS functionality into one box.  They are marketing it as the “Converged Supercore” As the debate of packet vs. circuit switched networks has clearly been won by the packet side of the house. Arguably the the increasing demands of service provider bandwidth for triple play …

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Death to the Firewall

The Firewall will die soon. Blackbox hardware just doesn’t make sense anymore. CPU is king when it comes to processing payload and that is commodity. SDN will put a nail in the custom hardware closed system soon enough. Until then, some musings on a project to collapse some functions into a router. Ironically, I can only collapse application processing into …

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Nexus 3000

I think Cisco re-branded an Arista switch with Nexus 3000. Low latency financial market oriented with merchant silicon. lolz

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