Nexus 3000

Nexus 3000

I think Cisco re-branded an Arista switch with Nexus 3000. Low latency financial market oriented with merchant silicon. lolz

  1. EtherealMindEtherealMind06-06-2011

    The Nexus 3000 is the Broadcom Ethernet chipset (merchant silicon) with IOS as the operating software. It looks like Arista and the HP 10500 because they all use the same chipset – similar to Intel servers all looking the same.

    • networkpandanetworkpanda06-06-2011

      I love it. The hardest people to convince are SE’s from Cisco and Juniper 🙂 Its like c’mon guys its not bad, server hardware has done it, storage did it. Thing that I worry about this 3k is it’s a rush to market product that Cisco can be notorious to bail on. I think they want the financial sector back I guess. Maybe vendors can focus on the ever slipping software feature slippage. I have heard 7k MPLS support any day for 1yr+ and ASA clustering delays make me a sad panda.

      My podcast hero posting on my blog. Awesome thanks!