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Best Cat Videos of 2012

Best Cat Videos 2012

took a rare, but important intermission from technology related posts to write about the one and only thing cooler than computing, programming and networking, that is videos of cute cats and kittens! These are the best cat videos of 2012 that I remember watching this year. Pets love us unconditionally that can only come from pure innocence. As they depend …

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Cacti Network Management Installation Tutorial

Cacti Nms

Network management has to be, one of the most neglected pieces of networking. I am sure we all have our hypotheses as to why but that is for another day. This tutorial is for installing the latest stable release 0.8.8a, released on 04/29/12. I needed to proof Cacti and get a scripted installation together. Cacti has been around a long …

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5 Useful Mac Apps – Snagit EverNote ScreenFlow Reeder and DaisyDisk

Top 5 Mac Apps

Here is a quick rundown of 5 useful Mac Apps – Snagit EverNote ScreenFlow Reeder and DaisyDisk. All of these Apps are pretty useful to me in one way or another so take a quick peek. All are available for a Mac and a few are available on both Mac and Windows. 5 Useful Mac Apps (In no particular order) …

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WireShark Install on Mac OS X

Seems like the WireShark install on Mac OS X has always been a total disaster for me. Packet capture utility are vital for developers, network and systems engineers alike. For troubleshooting or supporting SLAs it is often the only tool the defines fact vs. misconception. The WireShark installation process prior to XQuartz was long and convoluted and more often than not …

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Install WordPress on Ubuntu

Top 10 Wordpress Plugins

Install WordPress on Ubuntu and Migrate an Existing Site: This is a guide on how to install WordPress on Ubuntu and migrate and existing site to  new host or a test/dev environment. WordPress is an Open Source free package that started out as a platform for blogging and has since morphed into other more CMS like uses. Their are thousands of …

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Spirent Communications Looks Toward the Enterprise


Spirent Communications Looks toward the Enterprise with new products and new angles to existing products. Spirent has traditionally gone after service provider markets with their product offerings. They are branching out and I liked a couple of their ideas quite a bit. It is nice to write a post in my “Tools” category, we do not exactly have a lot of …

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Network Management System NMS – Statseeker

Power Lines 729 620x349

Network Management NMS – Statseeker Not a Swiss Army Knife, but a Sharp Blade: At Network Field Day #4 we had a a company named Statseeker who is in the Network Management business. Stewart Reed from Statseeker, an Australian presented and demoed the product.  We were almost outnumbered something friends, John Harrington an Irishman, Anythony Burke an Australian and me a native Kentuckian …

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Network Field Day 4

Network Field Day 4 is upon us again! I was honored by the Network Field Day delegates and asked to participate as a delegate in Network Field Day 4 in Silicon Valley starting at 1:30PM PST. Not only do the Field Day event staff record the events but they also live stream the vendor presentations! Even more interesting the incredibly …

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