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OpenStack Folsom Quantum Devstack Installation Tutorial

DevStack Openstack Lab

This is a quick guide that includes a diagram of a working reference architecture for installation of the OpenStack Folsom release using which includes the Quantum networking component using the DevStack installation bash script. With the OpenStack Essex release, I was writing installers with Python for Linux bridging and the Quantum plugin. So far the OpenStack Folsom install is more …

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XRDP Installation: An Easy Remote Desktop Setup for Linux

Cute Baby Penguins

XRDP Installation: An Easy Remote Desktop Setup for Linux – Quick tutorial for an installation on Linux (Ubuntu specifically but easily ported) for an easy remote desktop (RDP) setup for Linux. Setting up remote GUI access has always been quite a pain. XRDP is lightweight and really easy to install for a remote administrative GUI desktop. This is a 2 minute …

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Floodlight OpenFlow Controller GUI Applet

OpenFlow Lab

There is a new FloodLight OpenFlow SDN controller GUI out from a Marist College and IBM research group/internship. I am guessing it is the same IBM researcher that developed the FloodLight web UI. This applet allows one to instantiate a flow from the GUI along with a couple of other bells and whistles. It is great to see the public/private …

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My Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Wordpress Plugins

My Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins: I jotted down my Top 10 plugins that I think are essential or aesthetically nice. It can be a bit confusing when you first start your own WordPress blog to figure out what is needed. Click on the screenshots for a link to the plugin site on Hope these help someone starting out to …

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SDN Floodlight Controller GUI Topology Video and Install


SDN Floodlight Controller GUI Topology Video and Install: There is a new topology component to the OpenFlow Controller FloodLight. The page is located in the GUI Web UI under the “Topology” menu and the balls on the screen represent hosts. I haven’t checked the listserv to see where they are going with it but it’s all in the right direction …

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Artboard Vector Drawing App Review

I tried a new vector drawing app called Artboard. So far I am pretty pleased with it. Clean UI and pretty intuitive. What I like the most is it has a nice amount of clip art to go with it. As a guy with zero artistic skills I rely on software to fix that for me. I have been using …

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How Headers Encapsulate in the OSI stack

How Headers Encapsulate in the OSI stack: Part 2 of some refreshers. We send application data or payload by encapsulating or framing each layer within the previous layer. We looked at each one individually and now here is how they look when each layer is wrapped inside the previous layer.  Figure 1. Here is how application data gets passed to each …

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What are Ethernet, IP and TCP Headers in Wireshark Captures

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If I could go back in time when I was a n00b kid wanting to go from zero to a million in networking, the one thing I would change would be spending about 6 months on the fundamentals of networking headers and framing before ever touching a single peice of vendor gear. Ethernet, IP and Transport headers (L2-L4) are the …

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