OpenStack Essex Scripted Installation on Ubuntu 12.04 (Part 1)


Update: My latest installation document for Folsom can be found here. It’s too tough to try and keep up with debugging installers myself so I am just using DevStack in that tutorial. Thanks! Here is a two-parter on how to bring up an OpenStack build on VirtualBox. A screencast is accompanying the two sections. I live in networks, so if …

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NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10

This post is on the NOX OpenFlow Controller Installation Screencast Ubuntu 11.10. When compiling NOX If you get the error “configure: error: openssl/md5.h not found. NOX requires OpenSSL” You just need to switch to the ‘destiny’ branch from the default ‘zaku’ branch. Setup dependency repo: cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d wget apt-get update cd ~/<wherever you want to put the src files> Install …

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POX Openflow Controller Installation Screencast

Pox Installation

POX Openflow Controller Installation: POX is a lightweight OpenFlow controller that is written completely in Python that is targeted for developers to spin up their own controllers. The nice thing about POX is if you want an OF controller spun up in as fast as you can type git clone etc, you got it. It supports the same tools that NOX …

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Open vSwitch GRE Tunnel Configuration

Open Vswitch Lab

We continue to destroy our nice clean data centers to facilitate poor application architectures that do not scale in a layer 3 fashion. We continue to come up with new technologies using old architectures to turn our networks into flat data centers under the guise of “cloud mobility”. Ok sorry, I got that out of my system. Open vSwitch is …

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Installing and Configuring OpenvSwitch on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

Quick install how to for Installing and Configuring OpenvSwitch on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) with the nightly OVS build. Before I start, I must point out the great progress the dev team has done in such a short time. All of the old gotchas in earlier releases on implementation are long gone. I am going to revisit the KVM integration …

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Juniper Default Routing Tables

Juniper 01

The first time I saw these I remember thinking what is going on here. It can be pretty foreign the first time someone sees it especially coming from Cisco IOS. The two CLIs wrap and abstract the underlying standardized frameworks pretty differently. I think it helps to decouple what the function of the table is before ever operating the gear. …

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Juniper and Cisco Comparisons of RIB, LIB, FIB and LFIB Tables

A quick overview before we start: It starts off with the ingress packet. As a packet comes into the Label Edge Router (LER) the Layer2 frame header will be examined and forwarded to the appropriate table, based on the Ethertype field to determine what protocol in payload of the Ethernet frame. The table interactions in principle are the same between …

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Use case for MPLS in the Enterprise for PCI Compliance

Stop Cant Do It Sm

MPLS is today’s only form of scalable network virtualization we have for now. I personally think the promise of something called SDN will move into that space soon but until then, we need network virtualization. PCI is a joke. It is a racket by Visa and banks to spread fear without any brains behind the architecture. PCI DSS v2.0 soon …

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