Running Docker Machine on Rackspace Public Cloud

Running Docker Machine on Rackspace Public Cloud

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Running Docker Machine on Rackspace Public Cloud

Next up I am giving Docker Machine on Rackspace public cloud a whirl. If you don’t have an account and want to check it out take a look at their developer+ credit.

Here is a gif diagram (I’m addicted to making gifs atm, sometimes not even cats doing cute fluffy cat stuff like here) overviewing Docker Machine. To get installed and much more on docker and docker machine check out the excellent docs at

Docker Machine

Create a Docker Machine

First head over to your Rackspace console and grab your UID, and your API key. If you are knowledgable about OpenStack, the CLI options should look pretty familiar (thats pretty cool btw). You can also you ENVs for some of the values listed in the docker-machine docs one overriding the other.

Rackspace VM flavors are listed here

Next lets spin up the instance using an image flavor-id of ‘2’ which is the smallest 512MB machine. I specified the region ID that was listed in the Rackspace Console.

And voila, we have an instance that is now our active instance in docker-machine:

Run some Docker Containers on Rackspace

Now load the environmental variables for the Rackspace instance:

You can then verify with env | grep DOCK

Now start spin up some containers:

or fire up a webserver mapping port 80 to port 8000:

Now grab the IP and open a socket to the server for funs:

or even more clever from the docker machine docs this:

I was impressed how easy it was to consume resources from Rackspace Pub Cloud using machine. Thanks to my pal @andyhky from Rackspace getting a test account for me. If you dont already read his blog, check it out for some netops meets devops funz. Rackspace has a nice detailed blog entry that I didn’t see until I finished this so that leaves lots of resources in case anyone gets blocked. Check it here.

Next up is Docker Machine on Digital Ocean Pub Cloud →

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