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SDN Using Names


SDN Using Names SDN Using Names as an approach to simplifying policy application and ease operations barrier: For anyone who is visiting for the first time, first thank you for visiting. By day I design networks with completely traditional means, the handful of scalable architectures with a slight amount of flexibility, BGP/VPNs thats it. I am a one trick pony as the saying …

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HP Announces Their SDN Controller


HP Announces Their SDN Controller Hp announces their SDN controller at Interop: HP is not new to the OpenFlow conversation. HP was one of the first, if not the first networking companies to make their OpenFlow enabled switch firmware agent GA (generally available) in 16 products in 2011 and now up to 24 products in 2012. HP has also long …

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OpenFlow, OpenvSwitch and KVM SDN Lab Installation App

Bunker Lab

This OpenFlow, Open vSwitch and KVM SDN Lab Installation App is a python app that will install a few different options at an SDN lab. There are some really nice SDN applications that are coming along that have been open sourced from vendors or the community. Lots of people are really getting interested in understanding what SDN and getting to know …

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IETF Draft – BGP-signaled end-system IP/VPNs Contrail

Control Systems

There is a new IETF Draft – BGP-signaled end-system IP/VPNs draft-marques-l3vpn-end-system submitted for review. It is quite the whose who on the working group of traditional networking vanguard companies like Cisco, Juniper, Infinera, AT&T labs, Verizon and a new comer to the race Contrail. Contrail is an SDN startup with series A funding at $10Mil. There are some of the …

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The Death of the Wired Enterprise Network

Building Distribution Bandwidth

I remember about two years ago having a conversation with my boss and we were speculating on the lifespan of a wired network in an Enterprise campus. We both agreed it would all be driven by the App. Well, thanks to carrier networks being what they are, content, cloud and application providers typically develop to the lowest common denominator bandwidth, …

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Enterprise 802.11 Wireless Growth (Part 3)

Enterprise Wireless

In part 1 of the three parter we looked at the ability to manage 802.11 wireless networks and the benefits of analytics that is provided out of the box. In part 2 we compared traffic rates (unscientifically) between an average wireless controller distribution and wired distribution. In the conclusion we will look at the growth of three points over two years. …

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Software Defined Data Center Slidedeck


Software Defined Data Center SlideDeck: Posting a SlideDeck from a presentation while back titled Software Defined Data Centers, if the graphics help anyone with their own presentations have at em! The only different concepts are some public cloud thoughts and scenarios and some analogies to wireless controllers and SDN deployments. Not all networks must be built the same. We have at …

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Why Enterprise Wireless Networks Got it Right

Enterprise Wireless

I wanted to post some 802.11 wireless usage numbers and device breakdowns. These are two week University usage numbers in August of 2012. This period is right before students return so I wanted a baseline to capture the diff when students 25,000+ students come back with the ever growing amount of 802.11 wireless enabled BYOD hidden in pockets and purses. …

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