Configuring VXLAN and GRE Tunnels on OpenvSwitch

VXLan Tunnels Post

I have done a couple of GRE tunnel how-tos using OpenvSwitch (OVS). I had been itching to give VXLan a spin in OVS so why not ferret out someones tree on GitHub. I believe VXLan is still scheduled to officially release soon in OpenvSwitch. So here are the steps for installing, configuring tunnels on OpenvSwitch with VXLan and GRE encapsulations. …

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The Birth of an SDN Unicorn – Early OpenFlow Meeting Notes

OpenFlow Logo

The Birth of an SDN Unicorn – Early OpenFlow Meeting Notes: I wanted to share something I found very fun to read. These are the OpenFlow notes from the working group meetings at Stanford from 2010. The conversations are fascinating and the notes read like a book. While fun to read, I think it’s important to see what goes on …

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It’s OK to Like OpenFlow

  A trend is happening, seems like a recurring theme from vendors or pundits the past year has been to point out SDN is much larger than just OpenFlow. My question is, who thinks that SDN is exclusively OpenFlow? I am looking for the person who thinks this so I can understand the fuss. What is SDN? We already have …

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Comparing Vmware vs. OpenStack


Comparing Vmware vs. OpenStack: I ran into a great slide deck Mirantis comparing VMware and OpenStack (Essex) and wanted to share it. I am not affiliated with Mirantis. I started to research a side by side comparison between OpenStack and VMware. The slide deck is really good and deserves more than a Tweet. VMware is a good tool for many …

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Cisco onePK Announcement, big Surprise or About Time?


This week Cisco announced their new strategy for engaging software defined networks (SDN) with the announcement of the the onePK (Cisco One Platform Kit). I think we saw what I think most of us expected. I didn’t expect an DK, so that was a pleasant surprise. I know many folks especially from R&E have wanted that visibility into the planes of operation of their purchased networking …

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Getting Started OpenFlow OpenvSwitch Tutorial Lab : Setup

Open Vswitch Lab

I wrote a Python OpenFlow installation app to automate an OpenFlow KVM and Open vSwitch setup found at: Getting Started OpenFlow OpenvSwitch Tutorial Lab : This is an OpenFlow Tutorial using OpenvSwitch and Floodlight controller but any other controller or switch can be used. I have had some requests on some scenarios so I put this together. Adding a few …

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OpenFlow Starter Tutorial Lab #3

OpenFlow Lab

OpenFlow Starter Tutorial Lab #3 : Move individual flows Figure 1. OpenFlow starter tutorial Lab #3 topology. Add an entry to the wrong port and watch it break. Let’s clear all of our flows and get everything pinging the gateway again.

Add our three earlier entries from Lab1

Start tcpdump on the host you will send …

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OpenFlow Starter Tutorial Lab #2

OpenFlow Lab

OpenFlow Starter Tutorial Lab #2 :This lab is to restrict two hosts to only talk to each other with source based forwarding using the static flow pusher RESTful API. You can add any field you want to make the forwarding decisions on. Remember to name the flows with unique names or else you will overwrite previously instantiated flows. Previous posts …

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